Why do People Join Kennel Clubs?

Everyone knows about kennel clubs but not everyone knows what they are. People who don’t belong to these clubs tend to still wonder why people join these clubs. Kennel clubs were started during the 1800s. The original purpose was to breed and show specific purebred dogs.

Today, some kennel clubs have become a little more relaxed about breeding. Some clubs are even starting to allow cross-bred dogs. In the past, especially in Europe, belonging to a kennel club was prestigious. Showing off purebred dogs was a sign of status in Europe. Kennel clubs still do much of the same work as then, but some things have changed.

Kennel clubs keep a registry of purebred dogs. Most kennel clubs have specific types of dog breeds that they allow. The registry is kept to document and track purebred dogs. This information is used to match up male and female dogs for breeding. It also helps to keep track of breeders and their activities.

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Not all breeders are responsible. Kennel clubs help to monitor breeding to a certain extent. Their records also help to check whether dogs that join are truly purebred. Purebred dogs are still very popular. Owners who insist on purebred dogs join these clubs to join a like-minded community. It also allows the same breed of dogs to socialize.

Another reason why people join kennel clubs is the shows. Kennel clubs host hundreds of competitions and dog shows every year. These shows are held to see which dogs are best trained. Some are for judging which purebred dog characterizes the breed the best. These shows can take on a variety of forms and judge a variety of things.

Kennel clubs are about keeping the best of specific dog breeds alive. It is also about socializing for both dogs and owners. These clubs offer the opportunity to take part in shows and win prizes. For these reasons, people join kennel clubs.