Best Animals for Rehabilitative Therapy

Animals can make life seem better. Pet owners who connect with their pets can attest to the power of that connection. This powerful connection can be used to rehabilitate addicts. People can play casino games at from anywhere. This makes it difficult for gambling addicts to get away from their addiction.

Different pets are trained to be therapy pets. Here are some of the best ones.


Dogs are obviously at the top of the list. They are friendly, lovable, energetic, and very compassionate. They provide comfort and support because it is part of their nature. Dogs are great therapy pets. Having a dog around lessens anxiety and helps with communication. Taking a walk or playing fetch is a great way to get away from the draw of online casinos.


Dog lovers may disagree, but cats are truly amazing. They have a less energetic approach to therapy. Cats can be a very calming presence. It has been said that a cat’s purr can relax and calm a person. Petting a cat can also be very healing and relaxing. Gambling addicts may find great value in just being with a cat for a few hours.


Horses are amazing therapy pets. There was a story about a therapy horse who visited terminal patients in the hospital. The effect that the horse’s presence had, was amazing. Patients just needed the horse to comfort them and stay with them for a while. Horses are very intelligent and have helped with healing humans for a long time.

Some other animals that are trained as therapy pets are birds and pigs. It would be difficult not to smile at a pink pig who just wants to have some attention. Birds can also be very good companions.