Best Animals for Rehabilitative Therapy

Animals can make life seem better. Pet owners who connect with their pets can attest to the power of that connection. This powerful connection can be used to rehabilitate addicts. People can play casino games at from anywhere. This makes it difficult for gambling addicts to get away from their addiction.

Different pets are trained to be therapy pets. Here are some of the best ones.


Dogs are obviously at the top of the list. They are friendly, lovable, energetic, and very compassionate. They provide comfort and support because it is part of their nature. Dogs are great therapy pets. Having a dog around lessens anxiety and helps with communication. Taking a walk or playing fetch is a great way to get away from the draw of online casinos.


Dog lovers may disagree, but cats are truly amazing. They have a less energetic approach to therapy. Cats can be a very calming presence. It has been said that a cat’s purr can relax and calm a person. Petting a cat can also be very healing and relaxing. Gambling addicts may find great value in just being with a cat for a few hours.


Horses are amazing therapy pets. There was a story about a therapy horse who visited terminal patients in the hospital. The effect that the horse’s presence had, was amazing. Patients just needed the horse to comfort them and stay with them for a while. Horses are very intelligent and have helped with healing humans for a long time.

Some other animals that are trained as therapy pets are birds and pigs. It would be difficult not to smile at a pink pig who just wants to have some attention. Birds can also be very good companions.

It’s all About the Chips…

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So, chips. That’s what it’s all about. The three main types of chips that inspired this weird article are pet chips, casino chips, and potato chips.

Pet Chips

Featured image Its all About the Chips Pet Chips - It’s all About the Chips…

Chipping a pet is the responsible thing to do. It makes sure that he or she can be returned home if they get lost. Pet chips have been the norm for a while. It has ensured that many families were made whole again. A lost pet can be quite devastating. This is why pet chips are on this list. They’re pretty cool.

Casino Chips

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Who wouldn’t enjoy holding a few of these in their hands right now? Walking away from the poker table or slots with a bag full of these can feel wonderful. It has the feeling of triumph, freedom, and joy all rolled into one. Even winning chips online is great. It’s a little different than holding them but winning is winning.

Potato Chips

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This is probably the favourite kind of chip. Potato chips may not be the healthiest, but they always bring happiness. As a snack, they’re pretty much number one. Best of all, they come in different flavours and shapes. You can enjoy them with your pet while sitting on the couch and playing online casino games.

Chips in its different forms are awesome. Hopefully, this ridiculous attention to chips has encouraged some smiles. Probably a few headshakes and a few eyebrows raise. It’s all in the name of fun and chips.

How a Therapy Pet Can Help Gambling Addicts

Addiction, in any form, is one of the toughest things that a person can struggle with. Online casinos like an online casino in Ireland can offer a lot of fun. However, the easy access and 24-hour availability may be detrimental for some people. Addiction has been treated in many ways. One of these treatments is pet therapy.

Pet therapy has only been around for a short while, but it has shown great results. As with all types of therapies, it may not work for everyone. It is, however, a good treatment to try. If other therapies have failed in the past, give pet therapy a try. Several organizations offer help with this and focus on gambling addiction.

A therapy pet, like a dog, offers a distraction. A pet needs attention, care, and exercise. A pet needs to be close to humans at times. Some like to lie next to or even on top of their humans. Pets want to play. All of this offers a distraction. Something else to do than play casino games or place bets.

Featured image How a Therapy Pet Can Help Gambling Addicts ZKwP Chorzow Branch - How a Therapy Pet Can Help Gambling Addicts

Another way that a therapy pet can help is with exercise. It is well-documented that exercise is good for both mental and physical health. Exercise makes the body release endorphins. These hormones make people happy. Better blood flow, a healthier body, and a better mood are all great for beating a gambling addiction.

The connection is one of the best things about pet therapy. Addicts often feel disconnected from the world and other people. Animals want to connect with humans, and we want to connect with them. This connection may offer an addict a better option instead of online gambling. This connection can help a recovering addict feel less alone and give them hope.

Pet therapy can have amazing results. People who still struggle with gambling addiction should give it a try. It may just be the thing that changes everything.

3 Health Areas that Benefit from Pet Therapy

Pet therapy has many different benefits. These benefits range from simply calming an anxious person to improving the ability to connect. Pet owners have known for centuries the positive effect that their pets have. These positive effects are now being employed as part of treatment plans.

Pet therapy has been documented to help in different ways. Here are some benefits.

Physical Health Benefits

Featured image 3 Health Areas that Benefit from Pet Therapy Physical Health Benefits - 3 Health Areas that Benefit from Pet Therapy

Some of the physical benefits of pet therapy include lowering blood pressure, improving heart health, and reducing pain. Most pets need exercise of some sort. This also has physical health benefits. A patient who engages in exercise with their therapy pet will feel better. This is because of a combination of endorphins, fresh air, and increased blood flow.

Mental Health Benefits

Featured image 3 Health Areas that Benefit from Pet Therapy Mental Health Benefits - 3 Health Areas that Benefit from Pet Therapy

Therapy pets have been very helpful with patients with mental illness. There have been many cases where it has been especially helpful for patients on the autism spectrum. Pet therapy helps to raise spirits. It makes the patient feel less alone. It also encourages communication. This is why it works well with autism patients.

Educational Support

Featured image 3 Health Areas that Benefit from Pet Therapy Educational Support - 3 Health Areas that Benefit from Pet Therapy

Pet therapy has also helped children learn and read better. Having pets around makes people relax and smile. It helps children to focus better. It also helps them to read more and better. Pet therapy can help improve self-confidence. Pet therapy seems to help children learn to enjoy reading. These are only some of the benefits of pet therapy. There is a very long list that wasn’t even mentioned here. As more is learned about this therapy, more benefits will be discovered. Although it might not work for everyone, it does seem to be a very good alternative when traditional therapies are not working.